Weekly programm

  • opened: Thursday until Sunday starting at 11:00am 
    all day dumpling specialities

  • Every Friday all day
    specialities from the Alp-lamb 
    (from our own mountain farm) 

  • Every Saturday starting at 6:00pm
    Grilled pork knuckle
  • Every Sunday all day
    Roast pork - wood fired oven

Welcome at the "Knödl-Alm"

Whoever seeks local food, expects real hospitality and looks for value for money, should visit us. This is where you can appreciate delicacy from our own organic mountain farm. You receive the finest droplet directly out of the speciality distillery.

8984 Pichl-Kainisch, Knoppen 3
All day hot food.
closed: 27.10. to 24.12.2011
Phone and fax: +43-3624-21132,
E-mail: alm(!at)urig.at

Guaranteed smoke-free restaurant

Alp vacation - Further information

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